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New Email Settings - Server Migration on December 9, 2016
Posted by Five Sparrrows Support on 09 December 2016 04:04 PM

If you are having email issues and were on "Shye". You need to update your email settings to use the new server "Beadle" instead.

Just change the old server name:: to the new server name:: in your email client.

Be sure to check your incoming POP server setting, and your outgoing SMTP server setting and change "shye" to "beadle" (if you were using Shye).

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Server Migration / Email Migration - Hardware Update Happening December 9, 2016
Posted by Five Sparrrows Support on 09 December 2016 03:54 PM

As part of the upgrade plans that the hosting provider has for our server farm, we will be migrating all accounts on Shye to a new server on December 9, 2016. This will provide you with more power, stability and potential to further expand your business. The new server is on the same dns cluster, the sites will work fine as soon as the migration is complete.

Since this is a completely new server and host name, all accounts WILL be getting a new IP address. You still WILL NOT need to make any IP changes or DNS modifications from your end if you are using our nameservers. If you are using external nameservers or pointing the domain via IP from outside, you will need to update the IP to the one mentioned below. Please note that this needs to be done only after the migration is reported complete here.

old hostname ::
new hostname ::
old ip :: 
new ip ::

As always our technical support team will be online to attend your queries.

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New Client Dashboard User Guide
Posted by Five Sparrrows Support on 14 October 2014 02:03 PM

Five Sparrows Clients - Download the new Client Dashboard User Guide HERE!

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Announcing NEW Client Dashboards!
Posted by Five Sparrows Production on 29 September 2014 04:03 PM

Everything You Need at Your Fingertips!

Announcing NEW Client Dashboards, now available for all Five Sparrows clients. Your secure Client Dashboard gives you instant access to customer support, project status, monthly marketing reports, and other important aspects of your web & marketing services.

Your Client Dashboard login information is included in your Five Sparrows Support & Maintenance Certificate, and you can access  your Client Dashboard from any page of our website at

Please note, all of your existing Helpdesk tickets, support history, and previous reports have all been transferred over to your new Client Dashboard account.

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The View From Here - Q3 2014
Posted by Five Sparrows Production on 28 September 2014 04:38 PM

There is so much going on at Five Sparrows, I hardly know where to begin!

Again this summer we had a blast providing on-site Social Media Communications for Howell's Balloonfest Festival (in June) and for the annual Milford Memories Event (in August), and we even managed to fit in a few vacation days here and there over the summer as well.  

In product news, last month we rolled out our latest new product, called LocalSEO, that helps businesses find and correct errors in their online business data. You can request a free report here, or get more details about the new LocalSEO service on our website.  We also introduced "Client Dashboards" for our customers (see article, above).

In addition to summer events, our new product launch, and adding new staff members, we are also pleased to announce that our new website is now live, featuring improved user functionality, new features, and a sleek, streamlined design.  Check it out and let us know what you think!

Five Sparrows is 100% committed to creating professional, leading-edge solutions that improve your business results.  We know we can help your business do better online, no matter what your budget.  Check out our Success Stories and Client Testimonials to see what other clients have to say, or contact us anytime to see how we can help you!

All the Best,
— The Five Sparrows Team 

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